Paschiincommerce is an innovative paying system via Internet, established by MPS S.p.a.

The low cost for companies and the maximum simplicity of use for payment by credit card make Paschiincommerce an intelligent solution for whoever wants to use the virtual market. The service is operative in all of Italy.

Target of reference

The business that wants to use Paschiincommerce must be a client of a the Bank of MPS S.p.a.


- The internet browser who decide to purchase through a virtual store that uses Paschiincommerce need not install any kind of additional plug-in or software because it interacts directly from their browser with the host bank.
- They may make the transaction immediately by communicating their data safely via internet to MPS S.p.a.


- Simplicity of use with respect to the standards of safety typical of payment systems by credit card.
- Sure economical handling of transactions on a bank level.

For the browser

- Reserve by the bank regarding personal data.
- No additional fee on transactions.

For further information about Paschiincommerce consult this address: